Extended Interviews

Let's face it. Every journalist and documentary filmmaker expresses a point of view based on the process we call editing. We're no different. We've been known to leave things on the edit floor that someone else found significant. We might have missed the chance to do a great interview because the subject we wanted was overseas and our budget wouldn't allow. We've used music for entertainment value that viewers have suggested was there to manipulate how they might feel. It's not our intention... but it happens. The truth is that we do our best to be objective and accurate in an imperfect world. We also believe in being accountable. For that reason, we try to post the full transcript of our completed interviews related to our public television documentaries. The only editing we've done to these transcripts is for your convenience - that is, we've edited out the 'uhs and ahs' to the extent possible.

We also believe these transcripts have educational value. If you're a teacher or student, there's a lot here to digest that may enhance your knowledge or worldview. However, please don't print anything without contacting us for permission (Bob@DuncanEntertainment.com). Likewise, if you're a reporter or journalist, we officially obligate you to go the extra mile and ask us for permission and, as is our industry standard, credit the interviewer and program accordingly. When everyone plays fair and respects the source of information, it's easy to get along.